Teams mixed

Teams mixed




Various Useful team Illustrations or photos

  1. Teams mixed team
    Photo fromkopretinka After the game, everybody exhilarated but exhausted by the game.




  3. Team team
    Photo fromLeo Hidalgo (@yompyz) Canon 600D + Samyang 8mm 3.5 | Would you like to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, 500px, Tumblr (Project 365) or YouTube? |




  5. Team Charter team
    Photo fromMartin Burns I’m incredibly proud of my new team…




  7. team SPAIN team
    Photo fromCreolis part of the spanish 4n6 team




  9. development team team
    Photo fromFor Inspiration Only when saying goodbye to the cabinet, the development team needed to be in the picture as well




  11. Team MGL team
    Photo fromVancouver Public Space Network (VPSN) Photo taken as part of Vancouver Public Space Network’s PS (Public Space) I Love U photo scavenger hunt on September 21, 2013. Team MGL received an Honourable Mention!




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